Statement from the management on training

"Education is an issue for us with a very high priority," explains the management of FS-Metalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG, "The student from Today, our long-standing and
highly motivated employees of tomorrow. How we highly qualified, the essential for
our company and for the Forward to a safe and solid foundation.

We are aware of social responsibility as an employer in the region
Mittelfranken aware. A qualified and suited to our needs
Training with a clear perspective is an important investment in the future. "

Occupational Group: metal trades / Major Metal cutting

Precision mechanics:

  • You can work with and auxiliary handle, and assign them different
  • Analyze technical drawings and other documents and create machining operations and processes established to order
  • Program the CNC machine tools and manufacturing systems and perform test runs
  • Know what they do with control technology
  • The clamp a workpiece, take the machine into operation and monitor and optimize the manufacturing processes
  • Manufacture and test the parts for qualitative requirement
  • Identify production problems and quality problems
  • Wait for the resources so the machines and tools, and service them
  • Document their work and their results

Data for training
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Continuing Education (selected):

  • Courses, courses, seminars
  • Foreman-In - Metal
  • Technician - Machine Technology
  • Technical / r industry specialist in


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